Family Law

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Colorado permits married parties to end their marital relationship by decrees of either dissolution, commonly known as divorce, or legal separation. The process for either decree is almost identical. Colorado requires that one of the parties have a Colorado residency for at least 91 days prior to filing for the decree.The case is filed in the county where either spouse resides. If both parties agree on all issues, Colorado requires a waiting period of 91 days after filing before issuing the decree. The resolution of parenting plans for any children of the relationship, property and debt division, support for children and/or spouse, and allocation of attorney’s fees and costs are required prior to the decree. Upon receiving a decree of legal separation, the parties remain married, albeit able to live separate lives.

The parties have a fiduciary relationship with one another during the legal process that requires complete disclosure of all matters relevant to the issues. As your representative or coach, we will assist you in the collection and disclosure of all relevant information, regardless of where such information may be found, assisting you in locating any third party advisors or experts as may be appropriate in your case, preparation and filing of all necessary documentation and the making and presenting of legal arguments and justifications for the resolutions you seek.

We will guide you through the process and the resolution of issues while recognizing that the ultimate decisions must be made by you and your spouse or a judge/arbitrator or some combination of personal/judicial decision making. A number of methods are available to seek dispute resolution including negotiation, mediation, litigation or collaborative processes. Ultimately, we seek resolutions which will provide the most fair and equitable solutions for you and provides for the best interests of your children.